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Push Bubbles Bunny Bag Cute

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Push Bubbles Bunny Bag Cute Rainbow Decompression Toy Coin Purse Wallet Crossbody Shoulder Storage Bags for Kids Girls

Push Bubbles Bunny Bag Cute Rainbow Decompression Toy Coin Purse Wallet Crossbody Shoulder Storage Bags for Kids Girls
1. This push bubble toy is a great sensory toy, you can press it again and again to push it up again and again. pass through
Repeat a single action to help children and adults in a state of high stress or anxiety relieve and vent their stress, so these toys
2. It is very suitable for offices, homes, churches, libraries, stations, special education classrooms, physiotherapy rooms and sensory rooms, and travel.
3. You can enjoy fun anytime, anywhere: no accessories are not easy to lose, small size, durable, you can enjoy the fiddling or invitation
4. Ask friends to go to a quick brain game, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the game.
5. When cleaning, just rinse in the sink and air dry.

1. The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand, children and the elderly can play, it is also a very good family parent-child interactive toy game.
2. Small size, can be squeezed and pulled without deformation, easy to store, easy to carry.
3. Brain logical reasoning, oral arithmetic and mental arithmetic, odd and even numbers, overall planning and other abilities to prevent brain degeneration.
4. When you press the bubble button, the bubble will make a slight banging sound, then turn it over and start again.
5. Made of environmentally friendly materials, and can be reused and cleaned endlessly.
6. Bright colors and shapes, there is a pleasant sound when you press the bubble button (note that due to the production process, one side of the sound will
Smaller), but it will definitely make your child satisfied.
7. Multifunctional use, can be used as a toy or as a tea coaster, an ideal gift for your friends.

Material: Silicone
Color: Rose Red, Pink, Pink Color, Purple Color, Rose Color
Style: Bag
Size: 14*10.5*4cm/5.5*4.13*1.57in
Suitable age: over 3 years old
Suitable for: children, the elderly, and people with stress

Basic rules:
Each player takes turns to press any number of bubble buttons in any row,
(If you press multiple bubble buttons, they must be connected.) The opponent can also press bubble buttons that have not been pressed in this row/other rows.
The player who pressed the last bubble button is the loser.
Turn the game over to start the next round immediately.

Tie-dye and rainbow colors are inevitably distributed in different batches due to manual color mixing.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Push Bubble Bag

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18+, 7-12y, 4-6y, 12+y

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Sports, Animals & Nature

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